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Welcome to The FirstFound Blog, the official blog of the UK’s leading Search Engine Consultants.

Updated and written by FirstFound’s expert Search Engine Optimisation specialists, the blog covers everything you need to know to make your website a success.

With over ten years’ industry experience, FirstFound have seen everything that the SEO field can offer – and with thousands of satisfied customers, we can safely say that we’ve learned a fair bit.

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FirstFound News

Keep up to date with the latest news from FirstFound, and the wider world of online business. We’ll also bring you regular updates from FirstFound’s quarterly magazine, Optimise.

Online Marketing

From AdWords to Web Design, FirstFound explain the online tactics that you need to take your business to the very top.

Search Engine Optimisation

Our specialist subject. The FirstFound Blog’s masterminds cover the latest developments in the field of SEO, and explain how to get the very best our of our search engine optimisation service.

Social Media

Expert advice and help with your favourite social media networks. From boosting posts on Facebook to growing your followers on Twitter, we explain how you can grow your online presence.


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