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Google Earnings On The Up

We’re used to explaining to clients that being listed on Google can help them turn a profit online, but as Google post their own financial results, we’re amazed at just how much money the world’s largest search engine makes. Since co-founder Larry Page replaced the controversial Eric Schmidt as Google … Continue Reading

One Advertising Pound in Four is Spent Online

One quarter of all the advertising budgets in the UK is spent on online marketing, such as SEO and PPC. Online advertising spend has increased by over 12% since last year, with British companies spending over four billion pounds per year on reaching new clients through the internet. That means … Continue Reading

Google to Attack Counterfeit Adverts

Go0gle has finally decided that they shouldn’t let unscrupulous types advertise knock-off or counterfeit goods using their AdWords and AdSense services. In the second half of 2010, the search company suspended over 50 thousand AdWords accounts for attempting to advertise counterfeit products, and they’ve just announced three new initiatives that … Continue Reading

Google Analytics Glitch Wipes Out Daily Data

If you’ve eagerly opened up your Google Analytics account to discover just how much traffic stopped by your site yesterday, don’t be surprised if your counter reads ‘0’. Don’t worry, people haven’t stopped using your website. Google have had a little hiccup and accidentally lost all the data Analytics collected … Continue Reading

Thinking of FirstFound – Reviews from our Clients

As anyone who’s read up on FirstFound will know, we’ve been providing expert search engine consultancy services to clients for over ten years. That being the case, we’d like to hand today’s blog over to our clients, so that they can share some reviews of FirstFound’s services: I can honestly … Continue Reading

AdWords Trademark Policy Changed

Google have announced that as of 14 September 2010, a selection of adverts will not be removed for trademark policy, if they meet certain criteria. The criteria, described in detail on Google’s help pages are as follows: Ads which use the term in a descriptive or generic way, and not … Continue Reading

Welcome to The FirstFound Blog

That’s right. Leading UK search engine consultants FirstFound have finally decided to enter the blogosphere, ten years after the company first formed. Still, good things come to those who wait, and you’ll be treated to all of the SEO news, insights and tips that your heart could desire. Continue Reading