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Google Penguin update is now part of core ranking algorithm

This morning Google have announced that they are now rolling out an update to the Penguin algorithm which was last updated way back on the 17th of October 2014. In case you’ve had your head in the sand for the past 4 years Penguin is an algorithm update that targets … Continue Reading

5 simple ways to boost SEO with existing content

It’s no secret that Google loves fresh, quality content when it comes to SEO, but that doesn’t mean old blogs, articles and product pages can’t positively influence your rankings. Spending a bit of time updating existing content is a worthwhile investment to strengthen your company’s organic rankings – and we’ve … Continue Reading

6 ways to make the most of organic listings

If people aren’t finding your site, you’re missing out on sales. Although paid advertising broadens your reach, investing time into boosting your organic rankings will save you money and increase your longevity at the top of SERPs. While on-page SEO is crucial, there is work you can be doing away … Continue Reading

How to Conduct an SEO Audit (Even if you Aren’t an Expert)

Have you ever Googled your website to find you’re no longer on the first page? Sure, you may have been on page one last month, maybe in the top 5,  but SEO is constantly evolving and with it so are your rankings. There are a number of factors that can … Continue Reading

10 common SEO myths and how you can correct them

Unbelievably in 2016 there are still lots of myths surrounding SEO and while some of these come from misunderstanding others are just plain wrong. Amazed by how many times we come across these myths we thought it was time to debunk some of the most common ones and give you … Continue Reading

Mobile ranking factors and why they’re important

Over the coming months, Google is planning to start using the speed of mobile pages as part of its ranking algorithm for mobile websites. With over half of all search queries coming from mobile devices, it is clear that Google is focused on improving the quality of search results and … Continue Reading

Should I move my website from HTTP to HTTPS?

Google has been telling website owners for years that switching to HTTPS will give them a minor ranking boost so today we’re going to look at whether switching is a good idea for all business websites or only e-commerce sites. Let’s start off by looking at the basic differences between … Continue Reading

What do Google’s layout changes mean for AdWords?

Today we ask Richard Hassall, our resident AdWords guru and technical team manager, to walk us through what the removal of the right hand side adverts mean for AdWords advertisers. First off as with any change by Google the most important thing is not to panic and to properly analyse … Continue Reading

Michael’s insight into how we search for products and services on Google

Hands up who logs onto a computer at home to do a search on the internet? If you put your hand up chances are you are now in the minority. More and more of us are using our smartphones and tablet devices to do everything from checking social media sites … Continue Reading

Google shopping – the key to unlocking your ecommerce site’s potential

If you are looking to boost the e-commerce performance of your website, increase your traffic and grow your business revenue, then you need to take a look at Google shopping.  Google shopping has been around for a couple of years now and is one of the best ways of getting … Continue Reading