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FirstFound’s Friday Round Up

It’s Friday, May 21st and it’s time for another weekly roundup of what’s been going on in the Blogosphere. We’ve thrown the floor open this week and asked people on our Twitter list, so thanks to @PUnitt and @alexatkeplar for their suggestions.

The inimitable Chris Spooner has produced a handy guide about SEO tactics that make you look, well, foolish.

Yali Sassoon’s post on vertical search and it’s effects on online consumers is also well worth a look for anyone interested in e-commerce.

And Search Engine Land have discovered that Bing are outsourcing UK local listings. (If you’re wondering about trying Bing, one of the FF bloggers has put together this piece outlining a Bing newbie’s experience)

Here at FirstFound HQ, we’ve launched our social media guide for businesses, and discussed the potential IP Address crisis. We’ve also added a new article about SEO scams.

And finally, we’re hard at work on the next issue of Optimise – FirstFound’s Quarterly Newsletter. Catch up on the latest issue here.

If there’s anything you’ve missed, or want to share with us, please leave us a comment in the comments section.

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