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Britons Made 2.3 Billion Google Searches in January

Various people throughout the SEO industry might be fed up with Google’s constant tinkering with the search engines, but the Great British public are still as enamoured with Google search as ever.

In the month when the bloggerati were up in arms over Google’s move to a more social search, and leading voices in the search and SEO industry proclaimed that the time is nigh for a mass migration to Bing, the number of visits people in the UK made to Google increased.

January 2012 saw over 2.3 billion searches made by web users in Britain – an increase of over 100 million on January 2010’s figures, and 4.5% more than were made in January 2011.

But while the number of visits we’re making to Google has risen, Google’s market share in the UK has actually declined. We’re making more searches than ever before, but it appears that Bing is taking more than it’s fair share of new searches.

The Microsoft search engine’s market share has now risen by 0.59% in the UK, although they’re still some way behind Google’s dominant share of 90.64% of the search market (down from 91.75% in December).

It’s a different story in the USA, as Google’s market share rose to 66.2%. With over 17.8 billion searches made in the USA, that means that Google delivered answers to 11.79 billion searches in a 31 day period. In comparison, Bing and Yahoo registered 2.71 billion and 2.51 billion searches respectively.

What this data shows, according to Hitwise, is that it’s even more important than ever before to make search part of your marketing strategy:

“Search is one of the most crucial elements of online marketing and our data shows that search is growing, with nearly 100 million more visits going to search engines this January than last January.

As search continues to grow marketers need the right tools at their fingertips to understand how they can maximise their search campaigns, to get traffic delivered to their website.”

James Murray – Market Research Analyst, Experian Hitwise

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