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Facebook Launches Mobile Adverts

Facebook has moved to address fears that it will find it increasingly hard to generate revenue as more users access the network through mobile applications.

As of today, app developers (such as the company behind Facebook Bingo) will be able to use a form of pay-per-click advertising to place ads for their products and services into the timelines of people using one of various Facebook apps on iOS or Android phones and tablets.

Facebook’s development team claim that this move could help developers to direct millions of people to Apple’s App Store and Google Play:

Facebook has increasingly become a way for iOS and Android developers to grow their apps. In the past 30 days, we have sent people to the Apple App Store and Google Play 146 million times, via clicks from channels such as news feed, timeline, bookmarks and App Center.

Mobile ads are an additional way to drive people to apps. When a person clicks on one of these ads, if they do not have the app installed they will be sent to the App Store or Google Play to get it.

Vijaye Raji – Developer, Facebook

It’s hoped that this will finally allow the network to monetise the 543 million users who logged into Facebook via apps or mobile devices in June, and arrest the slide in Facebook’s stock prices.

Despite the hype surrounding the site’s IPO, shares have halved in price, costing investors a total of $50 billion.

And if Facebook can’t start to claw that money back, the future could look very troubling for Mark Zuckerberg and co.

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