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Anti-Blogging Hackers Take on Tumblr

As far as blogging platforms go, Tumblr is an inoffensive site beloved of teenagers and those who can’t be bothered setting up WordPress. But it appears that Tumblr’s trivial posts have rubbed some people up the wrong way:

“This [attack] is in response to the seemingly pandemic growth… [of the most] worthless, contrived, self-congratulating and decadent [content] the Internet ever had the misfortune of facilitating.”

“GNAA” Statement, originally delivered in ALL CAPS

An offensively-named group of internet trolls which we’ll refer to as the GNAA has used a worm to hijack a large number of Tumblr accounts – substantially cutting the internet’s supply of cat gifs and badly written poetry. And they claim to have done it in the name of journalistic integrity:

“GNAA’s stance on blogging in general has always been a negative one: in short, blogging is lowering journalistic standards to the point where the number of friends a murderer has on Facebook has become news.”

Leon Kaiser – “GNAA” spokesperson

The group are claiming that the attack is a result of Tumblr’s inability to close security loopholes, and a belief within the organisation that blogging is causing more harm than good to internet users.

But instead of targeting the press outlets that will regurgitate quotes from blog posts, or pretend that someone’s Facebook status updates are relevant to a breaking news story, this trolling group has decided to take on an entirely different set of people.

Along with this attack on Tumblr, the group has also “declared war” on any males that enjoy the cartoon My Little Pony, spread fake photographs of looting following Hurricane Sandy, and launched their own Grey Hat security firm.

All of which goes to show that while bloggers and Tumblr users might be prone to triviality, there’s always someone on the internet who will go further for even less end product.

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