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The FirstFound Blog’s Stories of the Year 2012


It’s been a busy year, has 2012. Olympic Games, new iPhones and new top level domains have had the blogosphere buzzing with news and comment. But what have been the top stories?

Take a look at our retrospective, and let us know what you think the story of 2012 was.

FirstFound Blog – Top Stories of 2012


January set a trend for the year – there was social panic, Olympic hype and outlandish divorce claims. But we think the real story of the month (and the year) was mobile – as January 4th saw confirmation that we were downloading over one billion apps a month. Staggering proof that the future of the web could well lie on your smartphone screen.


In 2012, Google repeatedly came under fire for breaches of privacy. The Wall Street Journal claimed that Google was ignoring Apple’s security settings, and legal action ensured. But it was the unified privacy policy that upset privacy campaigners, as the search giant told us that our Docs and Emails would be read and used to influence adverts.


By March, Google+ was rapidly becoming old hat. People weren’t taking to it as much as Google (and, in fairness, bloggers like us) predicted they would – despite the company throwing everything but the kitchen sink at their social white elephant. But an ex-Google employee made waves by explaining that Larry Page was wrecking the company with his social plans, and that people on the inside weren’t happy.

Did this stop Google pushing G+? No. Of course not.


The great privacy debate of 2012 continued into April (as did the never-ending parade of Google lawsuits), but this time it was Facebook under scrutiny. However, Mark Zuckerberg’s social behemoth didn’t make Google’s mistakes and attempted a more open approach to their privacy policy. Which didn’t stop people complaining in the slightest.


Yarr me hearties, in May 2012, the courts did try to sink the good ship Pirate Bay, by making British ISPs block access to the famous torrent provider. Funnily enough, this ban raised awareness of the site even further, leading to an increase in illegal downloading. Which was the opposite of what they wanted to do.


By June 2012, we were all sick and tired of .com, .co.uk and .org. Which is why ICANN’s announcement that we could soon see 1,930 new top level domains came as a great relief. But it’s now December and we’ve still not seen a single TLD appear. Maybe we’ve been trolled?


Let’s not even lie. Despite some brilliant posts about upgrades to Bing, Google’s battle for Gay Rights, and Facebook’s gambling problem, the real story of the summer was The Olympics. So go and search for videos of Jessica Ennis, Bradley Wiggins and Mo Farah. Then come back and see what happened during the rest of 2012.

Back? Good.


Oh Google. Google, Google, Google. September wasn’t a good month for the search leader. First they were accused of rigging search results, then they were mocked for fudging Google+ user figures, and then Germany sued them.

Oh, and the new iPhone came out. Which was pretty big news.


Social and mobile hit the news in October. The Prime Minister joined Twitter to a chorus of abuse from the mostly left-leaning userbase, and we could insult the country’s leader quicker than ever thanks to a new 4G mobile network. Which only worked in Swindon…


Big news from FirstFound came in November, with the launch of our new social start-up service. Sure, there was something about Twitter users being sued, and more analysis of 4G, but we know you’re more interested in us than you are in that.


Which brings us right up to this month. The month that the world didn’t end when people who don’t understand how calendars work said it would. And on December 3rd we celebrated 20 years of texting. Which could well be the story of the year, as it turns out that we’re so net-savvy that mobile internet and social apps have all but replaced the humble SMS. And that could be a huge shift in the way we talk to each other.

But what do you think? Was the death of SMS the story of the year? Or do you have other ideas?

Let us know your opinions in the comments section below, or by getting in touch using one of our social sites.

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Merry Christmas to all our readers. The FirstFound Blog will be back in January 2013 – but remember; the FirstFound offices will be open during the festive period.


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