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SEOcial: Your weekly SEO and social media summary #6

In a week that saw Boris Johnson showcasing his commitment to a game of touch rugby, there were also some interesting news stories from the world of SEO and social media.

Digital Wars: Facebook vs. YouTube


image credit: TechCrunch 

Do we stand on the cusp of a digital battle for the ages? Well melodrama aside, what cannot be ignored is that Facebook is beefing up its video content.

Having tripled the volume of user uploaded video in 2014, Facebook is looking to aid the discovery of video content with a dedicated hub.

Facebook sees video as the natural evolution from its traditional static content, and have announced a raft of new tests and changes to their site of late.

Not quite at the stage to pick a side just yet, Facebook’s video feed and increased emphasis on video content may yet see the two biggest social media platforms nose to nose.

Facebook feeding us news


The all-conquering social media platform’s vision to make the platform the hub of our lives seems to be marching along nicely.

Hot on the heels of a number of interesting developments, Facebook has announced the next stage in global communication dominance – a news app.

Although presently in the testing phase, Facebook’s news app will encourage publishers to post their content directly to Facebook. Whether the news app proves the death knell for traditional online news outlets and keeps us glued to Facebook, only time will tell.

Twitter Business Reporting Just Got Easier!

image credit: twitter 

Advertisers using Twitter now have a new way of measuring how their campaign is progressing. In what Twitter is calling its Conversion Lift Report, the reports will focus on whether Twitter advertising actually improves website click-through rates, sign up, mobile app installs and re-engagement.

Building on advertising conversion tracking, these new reports will provide custom data for specific devices and suggest recommendations on how to make your ads more effective.

Search – See – Buy

The largest ad ever placed in search results, Google’s Shopping Ads dominate the visual landscape of specific search results. And now Bing is getting in on the act.

Bing’s version of Google’s knowledge Panel is less understated, but has the desired impact. But given that it’s expandable, Bing appear to have nailed a rival service.

Google’s AJAX support has crawled to a stop

Its official! Google has dropped its support for its 2009 proposal to make AJAX applications easier to crawl.

Kazushi Nagayama of Google’s Search Quality Analysist department confirmed the news, adding that ‘as long as you’re not blocking Googlebot from crawling your Javascript or CSS files, Google should be able to find and render the pages.’

Basically, Google will continue to crawl AJAX sites, but it won’t support the original proposal made to crawl them.


That’s your SEO and social media round-up for the week. Stay tuned to find out what’s happening in the world of digital marketing!

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