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Web Developers Rejoice as IE7 Slips Into Irrelevance

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It’s a browser that incites emotion like no other. Some people dislike it. Others despise it. But one thing’s certain. Except for the dwindling number of people that inexplicably haven’t ditched Internet Explorer 7 yet, nobody will be sad to see it go.

Like its equally (if not more) hated predecessor IE6,  IE7 is an obsolete browser that just can’t handle the rigours of the modern internet. And having to accomodate is a potentially expensive waste of a web developer’s time. So it’ll come as no surprise to hear that the development team here at FirstFound is celebrating the fact that IE7’s market share is now less than 1%:

“This is one less obsolete browser we have to create workarounds for, which means we can put websites together much more quickly and easily – which obviously benefits our customers. I know there’s some people that choose to cling on to Internet Explorer 7, and even IE6, but the sooner those browsers are abandoned, the better.”

David Green – Web Developer, FirstFound

According to the Stat Counter statistics for January and February 2013, IE7 has dropped to a 0.72% worldwide market share – which means it’ll soon drop out of the top ten browsers in the world. Google Chrome has consolidated the top spot, with Firefox 5+ beating IE8 and IE9 to second place:

Global Browser Share: Jan-Feb ’13

  1. Google Chrome (all updated versions): 36.64%
  2. Firefox 5+: 20.38%
  3. IE 9.0: 17.41%
  4. IE 8.0: 11.06%
  5. Safari iPad: 3.49%

The presence of an iPad only browser in the top five is the next most interesting statistic from last month, as it’s yet more proof that mobile web isn’t just the future; it’s the present. So make sure you’ve got a responsive website. And don’t worry too much about whether it runs properly on IE7. That won’t be an issue for much longer.


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