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Are Apple Losing the Smartphone War?


Sorry if we sound like a broken record, but 2013’s going to be all about the mobile web. Which means the already ubiquitous smartphone is going to be even more important than before. And until now, it’s Apple’s iPhone that’s been the mobile device of choice for the masses.

But if Apple’s Christmas sales figures are anything to go by, it looks like the iPhone 5 isn’t as popular as its predecessors.

On the face of it the latest iPhone has been a roaring success, selling over 47 million units since October. But that substantial figure missed the company’s target of 50 million sales, and has led to a dip in Apple’s share price.

And the reasoning behind this shortfall appears to be a drop in popularity outside of the USA and Japan. In the States, 51% of smartphone owners are using an iPhone of some description – with Android laggng behind on a 44.2% market share. But everywhere else, there’s a different story. Android phones, such as the Samsung Galaxy series, are the most popular smartphones in Britain, Spain, Australia and Germany – and over 72.5% of Chinese smartphone users are carrying Google-operated gadgets.

All of which means that while Google is slipping back in the search market, they’re powering ahead when it comes to mobile devices. And with Google racking up phone sales and hitting milestone after milestone when it comes to apps, one thing is clear.

If your business is planning on going down the App route when you promote your company online, you need to focus on Android even more than iOS. Because that’s where your customers are going to be.


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