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Google Calls For a “More Secure” Internet – Encrypts Search

For a company fending off more than its fair share of privacy investigations and audits, Google seem to be very keen on a more secure internet.

Despite introducing a new policy that allows Google to snoop on all of your searches and collate information from each of your products, the world’s favourite search engine has made an effort to “strengthen user privacy” through encrypted search.

This secure search has been available through Google.com for a number of months, but it’s now going to be rolled out on a global basis, meaning that it will affect Google.co.uk searches.

Several months ago we made a change to our default search experience on google.com — when you’re signed into Google, we add SSL encryption to increase the privacy and security of your web searches. The change encrypts your search queries and our search results page, which is particularly important when you’re using an open, unsecured Internet connection.

We’re now ready to expand this protection, so over the next few weeks we will begin introducing SSL search beyond google.com to our local domains around the globe.

Michael Safyan, Google Software Engineer

Obviously this move will only protect users from external threats, leaving Google with a free hand to track your movements across the internet – but it’s a change that has been widely condemned.

By encrypting search data, Google has hidden keyword data that is normally collected by its Analytics software, preventing webmasters from seeing the search phrases that have sent Google users to their websites. This could effect anyone looking to increase their conversion rates, or those looking for new and unusual landing pages.

Google will still be providing keyword data via research tools, but it’s now going to be unclear to Analytics users whether the most searched-for keywords deliver the most traffic, or whether a website is gaining hits through combinations of less glamorous keywords.

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