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Bing Calls Google “Satan”, Steals Tiny Piece of US Search Market

What’s “even more evil than Satan himself”? If you were to ask Bing over the weekend, you’d be told that the answer is “10^100”. Or, in plain English, a Googol.

Now you don’t need to be a codebreaking genius that Bing might not mean the number 10^100  is in fact the new number of the beast, and that they’re referring to a similarly-named competitor. Especially when you look at the search results given; all of which refer to an incident in 1999 and 2000 when “Google Bombing” led Google’s search to claim that Bing’s parent company Microsoft was in fact the most evil company in all of creation.

But that’s not the only query that’s causing Bing to show strange results. Searching for the nonsensical word “hiybbprqag” gives a translation of an “Orcish”term.

Apparently, made-up evil green monsters use hiybbprqag as an insult which means a”whiner”. While real-life “evil” search engine companies used it to prove that Bing had copied parts of the Google search algorithm.

Since these hidden easter eggs were found and publicised by SearchEngineLand, they’ve since disappeared from the Bing listings, but one thing’s for sure. Bing don’t forgive and forget easily.

Not that this grudge holding is affecting their market share adversely – the latest reports from the USA suggest that the Bing/Microsoft axis have nicked another 1% of market share from Google (and 2% from other search engines) in the period of July to August.

According to Experian, Google’s share dropped from a huge 66.05% to a paltry 65.09%, while Bing and Yahoo leapt up three percent to 28.99% of all searches.

That leaves a measly 5.92% of the market share to be doled out between 64 other search engines in the US alone.


Image taken from SearchEngineLand

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