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Google Go Too Far With War On Spam

Google might have moved to eliminate spam from the SERPs, but it looks like they could’ve taken their purge a little too far.

Thousands of Gmail (Google Mail) users are reporting that they’ve lost old emails, folders and contacts, due to a technical glitch that probably isn’t Google sifting through email accounts to delete spam.

Google Mail engineers have been hard at work since 1am to try and rectify the issue, which the company care claiming affects less that 0.1% of users. So if you do rely on Gmail, you’d have to be very unlucky to have lost all of your important data.

This is the second bug to strike Google in the past week, following an issue that deleted thousands of appointments from Google Calendars across the world. That issue took over six hours to be fixed, so with a bit of luck Gmail should be back up to speed very soon.

Although we’d be surprised if Google put all the spam emails which they’ve removed back.

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