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Google Upgrades Mobile Search


Smartwatches might be the future, but smartphones, tablets and “phablets” are very much the here and now. So it’s no surprise to hear that Google have revealed a number of updates to their mobile search service.

Two updated features have been announced – Sitelinks and Quickview – which are designed to speed up mobile search and make the whole process more intuitive:

“When you’re searching for information on the go, speed matters.”

Google Inside Search Blog

The announced updates will be familiar to users of Google’s desktop search engine (which, at last count, is about 90% of you), and should make mobile search far easier and more intuitive for those using Google on a phone, iPad, or anything in between.


googlescreenshotSitelinks have long been a feature of Google Search, and now they’re making the leap to mobile search. As with their desktop counterparts, sitelinks cede more space on the results page to the top ranking website, which should come as yet another wake-up-call to any businesses that haven’t yet considered search engine optimisation.

It’s especially important on local searches – as the screenshot to your left shows. With maps, directions and other information provided to mobile searchers, the addition of sitelinks means that even position two on a mobile search can be way down the page.

But while sitelinks were always going to be added to mobile search at some point, the next update is something that many users didn’t expect to see at all.

Wikipedia Quickview

Quickview is the analogue of desktop search’s site preview function. But with space at a premium on a smartphone’s smaller screen, Google is unable to provide a pop-up showing the page you’re considering visiting.

What they’re providing instead is Quickview – a small button that’s going to be included on a small number of results, allowing users to take a glance at that site’s content before they click through.

Currently this is only available for one site, but we’re expecting to see it rolled out across the results pages sooner rather than later:

“Quick view is an experimental project and is currently enabled for pages from Wikipedia when you search in English on Google.com. We are working to expand this to additional websites.”

Google Inside Search Blog

These updates might be small, but they’ll speed up the way mobile browsers use Google search – which could help solidify Google’s already iron grip on the mobile search market.

And if Google’s throwing resources at updating and upgrading mobile search, one thing is for certain. Your business needs to start taking notice of mobile rankings.

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