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LinkedIn Joins Graph Search Party


Those of you with longer memories may well remember Facebook Graph Search – a new “SEO Killer” that was announced earlier this year. And then promptly forgotten about. Well, now it looks like LinkedIn want to upset the excitable with their own upgraded search function.

While the new streamlined and revamped search function isn’t a threat to Google (or even Facebook Graph Search, if that ever appears), it will make the professional networking site even more useful for businesses – as it’s now easier to research potential new hires, clients and your competition.

LinkedIn’s new search features now include:

  • Combined Search: No more separate searches for jobs, people, groups and companies.
  • Suggested Search and Auto-Complete: The game-changer that is Google Instant claims another victim.
  • Automated Alerts: Admittedly, Google Alerts pick up LinkedIn data, but why not make things complicated for yourself?
  • Enhanced Filters: You can now use filters to find people from specific companies or schools. How was this not built into LinkedIn as standard?

We can see this upgrade helping businesses to use LinkedIn more effectively. So if your business wants to get started on the world’s premier Professional Social Network, make sure you ask your FirstFound consultant about our social start-up package. It’ll get you up and running on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.


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