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SEOcial: Your weekly SEO and social media summary #3

A new week is upon us and it’s time for a round-up of what the world of SEO and social media has brought us over the last seven days.

Microsoft strikes a deal with China

Chances are unless you live in China you don’t use, or have even heard of Baidu. But did you know that Baidu handles 5 billion search queries a day?

Microsoft, ever with their finger on the pulse of all things computing, announced on Thursday that they have struck a deal to ditch their own search engine Bing, in favour of making Baidu their default search engine for Windows 10 for Chinese consumers.

The deal just one stuck by Microsoft and Chinese tech firms, aimed at enhancing Microsoft’s influence in Far East markets.

Google listens….Hard


image credit: android authority 

How many questions have you asked your smartphone in the last week? Voice recognition is one of the most attractive features of any smartphone. And Google’s just got an update.

The Google Speech Team announced their intention to adopt ‘Deep Neutral Networks’ to enhance speech recognition accuracy.

What does this mean? Whether you’re a stockbroker in the boiler room or at a gig on a Friday night and need a question answered, Cortana will hear you.

Jedi’s do use Facebook


Facebook has launched itself into the 360° video market in a big way. Friday 25th September saw a short 360° video clip of the upcoming Star Wars film uploaded to Facebook’s news feed.

The sequence, created by LucasFilm, sits viewers in a speeder, cruising across the dessert with a downed Star Destroyer visible in the foreground.

Could Facebook have chosen a cooler video to announce their presence into to world of 360° videos? Not, we think.

People LIKE sharing photographs


It should come as no surprise that image sharing is rather popular. Instagram, the largest image sharing platform, has announced that they’ve now reached 400million users – 9 months after reaching 300 million!

The global community of users is only further evidence that Instagram has captured lightning in a bottle. Initial fears that the introduction of Instagram ads would see users running for the hills seem to have been unfounded.

Instagram now has a larger user base than Twitter.

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