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SEOcial: Your weekly SEO and social media summary #2

A new week is upon us and it’s time for a round-up of what the world of SEO and social media has brought us over the last seven days.

Search Engine or Growth Engine


There’s no denying that Google is huge. So huge that it’s estimated that without the search engine, the UK economy would be light as much as £28 billion.

A new report compiled by Deloitte outlines that Google has created 210,000 jobs in the UK, especially in the fields of digital advertising and SEO. The study also highlights how instrumental Google has been in helping UK businesses to innovate and export.

The question appears to be when will Google cease to be a search engine and evolve into a growth engine… or has that day already come?

Google Celebrates the Birthday of Super Mario Brothers


30 years ago who would have imagined that a chubby plumber, who never seems to be on call, would have turned out to be a gaming phenomenon.

In honour of the gaming world’s most iconic character, Mario, Google has created an interactive Easter Egg gamers will love. Type ‘Super Mario Brothers’ into Google search and watch the game’s question cube appear in the far right-hand side of the page.

The only question is what happens if you click the cube 100 times?

Thumbs Down for Facebook


You might have thought it would never happen, but on Tuesday of last week Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, announced that the social media behemoth will be adding a ‘dislike button.’

Mooted as far back as 2009, Facebook had always steadfastly maintained that they had no intention of adding the opportunity to express a counter balance to the popular ‘like’ button.

Recognising the world we live in, Zuckerberg stated the ‘dislike’ button will allow users to express mild disapproval, or express solidarity in the event of a loss or death. He said, ‘not every moment in life is a good moment.’

Whether this new feature will cause rampant pessimism, or unwanted negativity, only time will tell.

NASA Can’t Recognise the Sun

When astronaut Scott Kelly, a resident of the International Space Station, took an image of the wonders outside his window, he could have hardly imagined the hoopla it would cause.

Ever-vigilant at connecting with their 12.1 million Twitter followers, NASA eagerly posted the image. The problem? They identified the luminous glow illuminating the earth in the distance as the sun. It was the moon.

Quick to recant, NASA later posted the correction, but not before some eager-eyed Twitter users spotted the error.

Even NASA makes errors once in a blue moon.

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