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Social Media Advice for Businesses

Social Media Advice for Businesses from The FirstFound Blog

FirstFound’s Social Media Advice for Businesses is the result of ten years in the online marketing business. Our expert SEO consultants have worked on everything from Twitter to Pinterest, and have put together some great guides on how to make the most of social media with your business.

Setting up a Social Media Strategy

If you’re planning on using social media to grow your business, then you can’t stumble into it blind. You need a strategy. Luckily, the FirstFound Blog has created a series of articles providing social media advice for businesses in need of a strategy, taking you through everything from what each social media site does, to how to use them effectively, to how to link them together into a workable business strategy.

FirstFound explains: social media

How to start your social media journey

Social success – blogging tips and tactics

Social Media and SEO

Social media is often seen as a successor or usurper of search, but that’s not the case. Social media is becoming more and more important as it dovetails with search perfectly. The search engines are giving sites more weighting, and it’s a great way of creating links – even if some of them are no-follow.

Link Building through Social Media – Six important tips you need to read.

Google and Social Search – Find out more about how Google is making more use of social media in its search results.

Social Media and Your Business

In case you needed any more convincing that your business should be taking advantage of social media, we’ve put together some other tips. When should you Tweet? Is your business up to the social media challenge? These articles will answer all of your questions.

Become a Better Tweeter in Two Minutes

Of course, this is all just a taster of what your business can do online, so make sure you stay tuned to the FirstFound Blog for all the latest SEO news, views, comments and advice.

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