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FirstFound Explains: Social

Is social media just for personal use? The answer is: not at all. Social media is an effective way to  build your brand online.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media is word of mouth marketing for the digital age. Think about it, striking a conversation with customers is one of the best ways to get your vision and brand across. Not only are you connecting with customers on a personal level, but you’re making your business more approachable.

Did you know that there are close to 1.7 billion active social media accounts? That’s a lot of people to talk to.

Tell the World Your Story

The way you tell a story is just as important as the story itself. How often have you sat in a conference room and listened to a 90 minute monotone speech that’s failed to hold your attention? How often have seen read an informal short blog, tweet or video that grabbed your attention?

And here’s something else to consider: does cold calling businesses motivate people to put their hands in their pockets?

The bottom line is that people want to learn in a way that they can easily understand. Ignore the influence of social media at your peril. Why? It’s the best way to connect with people online.

Why you need Social Media

‘Be on social media not for search ranking, but to build your brand and drive qualified traffic to your site’ – Matt Cutts.

Why do you need social media? To build brand awareness. Facebook has one and a half billion users. That’s one and a half billion potential clients. Twitter has over three hundred million active monthly users. That’s over three hundred million potential customers!

Three Social Media Platforms to Know


One of the most recognisable brands in the world, Facebook is a global social networking site that allows registered users to create profiles and connect with other users.


The most widely-user microblogging website, Twitter provides its users a forum to post or ‘tweet’ short announcements of 140 characters or less – sharing content and opinions.


Aimed solely the business community, LinkedIn is a global social networking site that allows users to share their professional lives.

Can I manage my own social media campaign?

Unless you’re a social media guru with years of experience, managing any social media account is tricky – and best left to the experts.

Effective social media requires knowledge of branding, insight into how people think, creativity and proficiency in using social media platforms.

It’s about listening and responding to what people are saying about you, your brand and your industry. It’s about sharing relevant information and starting conversations that draw people in.

Only with these skills can you create and maintain social media accounts that will get people talking. Fortunately, for those lost in the wilderness of the social media landscape, help is at hand.

What results should I expect?

Social media will give your brand personality and presence. It’s low cost, and provides you with the opportunity to directly communicate with their clients.

Don’t miss the opportunity to build a social media campaign that gets people talking

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