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LinkedIn Hits Expansion Milestone


It’s often overlooked in favour of the powerhouse that is Facebook, or Twitter’s near ubiquity, but LinkedIn has been quietly amassing members for a number of years now. And it appears that user numbers have doubled since March of last year.

Today, the professional network has announced that it’s reached user parity with Twitter, and has left Google’s zombie network in the dust.

The site now boasts 200 registered members (although it’s not announced how many of these are active), a total that compares favorably with Twitter’s 200 million active users and knocks Google+’s 135 million active users into a cocked hat. Admittedly though, LinkedIn (and every other social network) has some way to go before it can catch up to Facebook’s frankly ludicrous 1.01 billion users.

However, unlike Facebook, LinkedIn’s stock has risen in recent months, and has seen a 77% rise in share prices over 12 months. In comparison, Facebook’s IPO bombed, and prices hit an all time low in September. Despite the fact that one in seven people on Earth regularly uses the website.

Aimed at professionals and business people, LinkedIn is designed to help users form business relationships and network with each other, and is particularly popular in the IT and financial services industries.

Currently, 11 million Brits use the service – which is why we chose LinkedIn ahead of Google+ when we put together our social media start-up package.

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