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The wonderful world of e-commerce


In 2015 mobile commerce in the UK accounted for over 15% of online orders.

Waiting to get home and order from your laptop is no fun at all – we’re a society of ‘needers.’ Waiting is thing of the past, we want optimised sites, quick checkouts and next day delivery. Whether users are watching lifestyle vlogs, reading beauty blogs or purchasing clothes – this is the perfect time for businesses to invest in an e-commerce website.

Let’s take a look at what the top performing e-commerce websites are doing to meet the needs of the new consumer.

Bite-sized basket

The checkout process should be speedy, forget about multiple steps or asking for lengthy information. Have your website populate the delivery address from the billing address and save the user much-needed shopping time.

Breaking your basket down into simple steps will improve the checkout experience on your website.

If you’re signed into Amazon – all it takes is one tap of the Buy now with 1-Click button and your items are bought!


Give the people what they want

There’s only so much text users can read before clicking off. We live in a digital age stimulated by effective visuals – just look at how Instagram has over 200 million more users than Twitter. People want to see what they’re buying and imagine how they would use it.

A clean and clear photograph of the product in action will make an instant sale. Take a look at how B&Q showcase their curtains in a home setting. It opens up the imaginationb&q

The ultimate online shopping nightmare

We’ve all been there – the desired product that you need so badly is out of stock or even worse it’s completely vanished off the website. As an e-commerce website owner, keep the product page live and provide an ‘email me’ option to update the user when the stock has arrived. It makes the best of a bad situation – a little reassurance never hurt anybody.

In the meantime provide a solution for users by offering a browse similar products section.

A recent purchase at PC world revealed how responsive their e-commerce website is.

pc world

The Gateway

It doesn’t take much for users to make a purchase and throwing in free delivery will definitely make their mind up. All it takes is for an email to slip into your inbox with the subject of ‘We’ve got something for you…” and before you know it you’ve already clicked.


Even if you have to increase your prices, offering free delivery on your website is one of the easiest ways of increasing conversion rates and getting more sales.

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